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I am She/Her; Kastanja and I created this blog back in 2018 to channel whatever that was going through in my head or wether I was somewhere traveling. 

I come from Finland, from a city called Turku and I am 23 years old. My childhood was in the countryside, meaning I ran around in the woods with my dogs or horse. Definitely a wild child! I loved every bit of my life in the country. I remember a day when I was walking around our yard and thinking about all the different countries I’ll travel to in the future. It has always been clear to me that I want to go around, so as soon as I graduated from high school in 2017 I left beloved Finland and moved to Italy. From Italy I moved to Mediterranean island called Crete. I’ve enjoyed every bit of my travelings even with up & downs because let’s face it, it’s not always dancing on roses. Now there’s somewhat 20 countries I’ve visited and all the rest to go. Yes, ambitious like that!

Let’s come back to this moment. Now I live in Brussels, Belgium and I’m loving it. I started studying international communications & media in 2020. How I ended up here is quite bizarre and spontaneous. A year ago I left backpacking to Asia. I got to spend month and a half in gorgeous Thailand before I had to take an evacuation flight back home because of the now obvi Corona situation. In quarantine I decided to give it a try to search some university options. This program came up and I thought about giving it a try. Long story short, I got accepted and moved to Belgium after couple months. 

What thrives me? – family, friends, wellbeing, fashion, joy, humor, meditation, sailing, adventures, wine and the greatest memories.

So this is my life, Kastanja

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