To be honest I’ve been all over the place this summer, mentally and literally. It was time to leave beautiful Italy behind and to move on to new things in life. Moving back to Finland was harder than I thought and it took time to settle into the idea that I am not returning to Italy for awhile. I moved back to Finland in June, it was bittersweet. Imagine something you’ve been longing to see but at the same time it would mean letting go on something that means a great deal for you, almost as great as what you have on the other side. Hard right?

In my case it felt like having two different lives, one at home and the other in another home in Italy. Living abroad has been a dream of mine since I was 6 years old. That feeling that drags you away and all you have to say is “I gotta go, I cannot outline this feeling”. So that is what I did, after my graduation I decided to go instead of settling into my home city. I followed my gut and my happiness abroad even though that sounds like the most cliche thing in the world. Being surrounded by new culture, language, people, habits basically you’re surrounded by everything new and that is thrilling!

 I’ve danced through all night until sun came up again, wandered around new cities, got lost countless of times, laughed so hard that I couldn’t breath anymore, had spontaneous small talks with random people on the streets, got day drunk by the sea and passed out at 6pm. Yes truly that good of an experience but also let me be real, I’ve cried myself to sleep, missed my family so much that it hurt to hear their voices. But every single feeling, every bad and every good was worth it! Living or being abroad is not always dancing on roses or as glamorous as Instagram can show you. For me after every tear or hard time I never regret leaving Finland. In away it creates another life around you, new friends, new families, experiences, memories even favorite places in the city. That’s your life until it’s time to go and everything changes, mostly to what it was back in your home country but what really cheered me up during this change was the fact that I was in a same country as my family and friends AND I even got a chance to participate in this years Tall Ships Races, insane right?

What can I say, this summer has truly been a rollercoaster, very nice one though. Since this is my first post I wanted this to be a catch up of a little bit of everything that has been going on. I’ll be writing my  thoughts, tips and tricks I learned in Italy and sharing my experience on this summer’s sailing race ( which was yet again amazing, there’s probably not a word to describe it ). Also be prepared for a lot of pictures, hopefully for few videos and deep but happy thoughts about being alone abroad!

SO where I stand now is a big question that I’m probably still figuring out myself. Summer is unfortunately coming to an end and I’m not sure if I’m ready for the winter but I’m sure and very eager to see what is waiting for me in the near future. I’m kind of in the middle of a thought of going abroad again or settling down to Finland for awhile and travel when ever I get a chance. I love traveling, sailing and everything that keeps me going hahah!

 Will see what the winter will bring, KML

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