Christmas spirit grows through out the winter and holiday time, some might not be into holiday festivities, some might be a into Christmas spirit around the actual celebration days and then there’s people who goes cuckoo since the first leaf drops, like me.
I mentioned earlier on the last post that Christmas for me is a bit more than just festive celebrations. It’s also about focusing on the last couple of months of the year, to work better, to accomplish tasks you promised yourself to get done, basically you still have a chance to do those things you wanted from your year. Anybody out there feeling me? Anyways I forgot where I was going with this so let’s start by going exactly to the topic.
Christmas, family and home.
I believe one of the major love factors during Christmas is that you get to spend time with your loved ones. No matter what age you are, where you come from, what’s your background we always need a little break from everything that is going in our lives just to charge the batteries with our closed ones. Family is one of the most important things for me, the fact that I know they’ll be by my side no matter what in life gives me peace I couldn’t live without. Through out the Christmas time I guess I look into my family’s company a bit more knowing it has been a long year, fulfilled with events, emotions and situations we look back at and smile or sigh for the fact that it’s gone.

One of the pitch points of celebrating Christmas is Finland’s independce day which is exactly today! Since I’ve been a kid we’ve always spent the day together as a family. We have created this tradition that I believe many other Finnish family relates to in their own personal way. When it comes to our family, we always woke up early enough to clean and to decorate the house for Christmas, to bake gingerbreads and other pastries and then when the evening comes, we’d light up two candles front of our window as a sign that we’re celebrating our home countries Independence and its peace. We’d all cuddle up with all the goodies we baked and watch a live show from our president’s castle where my dad worked every year. As kids we always had a ”game” who spotted dad first in the TV. Believe me as a kid it felt like being famous for seeing your dad there!

I wouldn’t say I’m a full on gone cuckoo patriot but there’s something about this day that I feel very grateful and appreciative of and a hand on my heart I can say that I’m proud to be Finnish and to call Finland my home. Celebrating our Independence Day with caring people is definitely one of the pitch points of settling into the Christmas spirit and feels.
Last year on 2017 I spent the holidays in Italy, which was my first time spending it apart from my family. Let me tell you that it was a whole lot different. I was truly happy to be spending it with my lovely italian family but during the 6th of December and Finland turned 100 years, ugh how much it made me think about other Finnish families getting ready to spend the day together.

Like I told you earlier, it doesn’t mean you’re a full on patriot ( guessing I’m saying this in a bad tone ) but it’s something about this day that brings out the feeling of belonging together, being grateful for what we have and appreciate every bit of it.
Home is a strong, complicated and meaningful word to explain. Because what is home really? Is it a house you grew up in or is it your current house you’re living in, or maybe is it just those feelings and emotions you have for your family for example? What defines home?

Being away from ”home” has made me question it a bit more but also in its ironical way it brought me back closer. I guess we all define it all in our unique ways, for me it will always be those feelings and emotions I share with the people I love. But during this kind of day where the idea of bringing people together to feel as one makes me miss my family and yes home even geographically a bit more.
In the earlier post I mentioned how I hoped to have more time with my family before I moved and how it made me anxious in a way. But this is what I chose, right?


Yes. I chose to go and to leave my family, my country and that feeling of belonging together as one because in this weird ironic way I just learnt how to be closer to the feeling of belonging as one. And I know this might sound like a huge mind game but it’s not really. I Hope you spent a peaceful day or night celebrating together with your families or friends, enjoyed every bit of it and never take it for granted.

Finland is officially 101 years old today, Happy Independence Day to you Nordic Finn Folk.

PS – I added some summer pics from home where I got to spent this summer! More of summer pics from beautiful Finland in my highlighted Summer in Finland story. A dash of confusion to the middle of Christmas time!

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