Yes, finally!! First semester of second year is done and dusted, now we wait for exam results. That means I have almost a month long “holiday”! I put “ these because I’ll be busy as a bee this spring since new beginnings are a head of us so instead of uni I will be focusing on this. I’m really excited of what’s to come and it feels like the right path. 

Parc Cinquantenaire

Even tho now I don’t have a schedule to follow, I’ve tried keeping up with my own timetable just for my own sanity haha. I’ve woken up a little bit later 8-9o’clock and kept doing my morning routine. Mornings are my favourite! Having your own routine and get ready for the day. I find it important because I think it can have a jurassic effect on the rest of the day. ( at least it has for me haha ) 

Monday morning and sunshine

My morning routines consists of; 

  1. First drinking lots of water before anything else 
  2. Simple breakfast and COFFEE 
  3. Writing down 4 things I am grateful of, checking my calendar 
  4. Dress up and doll up 

I think a game changer for my routines has been: Listing what I am grateful of that day and no social media for the first half an hour or hour. For me it helps to set my own thoughts and plans for the day without any interactions! And these would be my 2 tips for you too! 

My new calendar! Loving it

Anyways, I’ll keep you posted with this spring and what new is coming along! And almost forgot, this year one of my resolutions is to keep posting more. I’ve been too shy and now I’ll get over myself and do it! Hahah 

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