At this point where our lives consist of going from Los Livingroom to Nueva cocina ( from living room to kitchen ) back and forth, it is safe to say we’re all familiar with the wonders of Tiktok. Tiktok is known to be addictive and fun to do together with friends and family. In the last post I mentioned that I participated in Belgian association of marketing conference. During this educational week I chose to follow Paulo Lopes Escudeiro’s event on Tiktok For Business, the baffling success and marketing power explained. I mean, what is it really that makes Tiktok so famous in todays society? I believe we have all thought of that at one point of Tiktok mania. 

Let’s back up a bit and look where it all started. Tiktok is a video sharing network service used to share 15 second videos. From dance to comedy videos, it’s also being used for educational purposes. Tiktok started four years ago in China by a chinese company called Bytedance. Tiktoks initial idea came from another app that was called and now four years later the app has now generated the speedy growth of having 800 million users all over the world. When looking into Belgium’s market there are currently 2.7 millions active users a day who watch on average 65 minutes a day. Quite crazy don’t you think? 

The numbers Tiktok has been able to grow are something no other app has been able to reach. Let’s deep dive into that, what is behind all the success? The reason why Tiktok has had so much success over such a short time is because their main target market are children and teenagers. Those who are trying to find their own identity into the world, being connected with their peers and also experimenting new things. Tiktok is a combination of high tech algorithm with social facilitation psychology. During teenage years the need of experiencing increases and that’s where Tiktok comes along by offering a creative platform. ” Social playgarden ” as Paulo Escudeiro would call it. 

I’ll be honest with you, I never understood the mania on Tiktok. I didn’t realize what is the catch that hooks people to come back to the app. Believe me, after downloading it I spent over an hour there without realizing it. I had fun watching what other youngsters were creating and it kind of gave me an urge to try out some of the trends. There I admit haha! However let’s pack up a bit, how is it connected to marketing association? 

The Marketing world is not as traditional as it use be. Releasing ads are not as conventional in today’s society. From a marketeers point of view Tiktok could be the new ”it trend” where to meet the market. It offers an opportunity to be more creative with the ads and to work together with influencers. ” Content creation is the key resulting to higher attention and engagement ” noted by Paulo in his speech. I think it’s safe to admit that it works as we can notice what happened in my situation, have you been hooked too?

Baby bye!

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