Wohoo I’m in England,

It has been my very first week on British soil and I’ve absolutely loved it here. I’ve never been too keen on visiting England based on all that I’ve heard. Culture is one the major factors on my travel destinations and somehow England has never really reached out to top of my travel list. Which is also kind of controversial since I adore British series, mostly the ones based on history to be exact. By my personality I am very romantic ( yes believe it or not ) so you can imagine how much I love those beautiful English old villages and countryside! I find it quite funny that I’ve never wanted to travel here and yet I dream about all these sceneries that England has to offer!  Maybe part of me thought that those gorgeous sceneries in my head are only in there and not part of the reality. Now that I am here, let me tell you that England has swop me from my feet and charmed me with its marvelous culture, people and city’s ( see what I did there?? .. Hope you read it in British accent ha! )

Howdid I end up here you ask? I’m glad you did.. About a month ago my sister moved here with her family. Which is also insane in away since it was also her first time visiting England when she moved

here HA! Look at us being all international ( hope you notice my sarcasm haha ).  This was all very spontaneous, they needed some extra help on getting their new house look like home and of course unboxing everything. So this past week has been full filled with cleaning, unboxing, chilling and lots of catching up since we see each other very rarely. About 2 or 3 years ago she moved to Copenhagen to live with her boyfriend, during that time I graduated from high school and been traveling ever since so actually sitting down and catching up is some real good time for us! Slowly but

surely their new home for family of 3 is starting to look so cozy and lovely I might don’t want to leave at all hahah.







Look at my beautiful goddaughter Olivia 

There’s one more week to go until it’s time to leave so get prepared for my thoughts on English culture, people and way of living! I’m actually very excited about this, I never thought I’d like it here this much!


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