Time has flown by faster than I’d like to admit. Unfortunately that is the reality and there’s no way to escape it.
The last couple of months has been in a bit of blur. After coming back home from England it made me question my agenda of where to go next or to stay at home in Finland. I was truly struggling with this question and it put me in a uncomfortable situation. But you can’t blame it really, when is it ever easy to decide whether to leave your loved ones and to make the decision to go or not to go. I’ve never had second guesses about traveling but at the end of the day traveling and actually living abroad are two very different things.

Despite everything that was going on I ended up making my decision to go. I’ve always believed in a saying that if it’s meant to be then it’ll be. So I went ahead and applied to a job in beautiful Crete. I couldn’t have been more nervous. Am I suppose to pack my bags and say bye for now or will I stay in Finland and start all over again back at home.
Guess what, well by now we all know the outcome of this but YES, in two short weeks I packed everything, said my bye’s for now and moved to Crete. Insane in away but that’s just how crazy life can get sometimes.

I’m going to bring you all down from the imaginary bubble you might got from my Instagram or from this post. Leaving home was not an easy decision nor it was easy to say bye again to my family and friends. I haven’t really spent time with my loved ones because I’ve been on a go since quite awhile now. Coming home from Italy made me realize how much I’ve missed them by my side, like actually physically and not just mentally.
Back then I dedicated this summer for being with my family and friends. I ended up traveling half of the summer so it made me more anxious to go again because part of me hoped to have a bit more time with them. Unfortunately that was not the case here. I got a chance to move so I went for it and did it because I knew I’d be regretting if I’d have said no.

Adjusting to so many different feelings in so many levels is overwhelming for everyone. What to do, where to go, where I’d want to stay, how I feel, what I want etc, so many questions. I believe we’ve all been in a point where we feel a little out hand and overwhelmed of what’s the right thing to do or where to move forward. There isn’t really a way out, all you can do is to sit down, face it all and try to search for the answer by listening to your own feelings.

Life in Greece has been a roller coaster’s extra final ”fun” ride before you have to get off. I’m not going to lie or try to adjust this all in more beautiful words when the reality is that these last 3 months has been truly stressful. I was looking for a break after settling down to my new home here in Greece. Yet again that was not the case here either. I’ve been writing many versions of texts to post here yet I’ve felt that dealing this all has been enough to handle in this moment.

Finally we’re here, I can say that I’ve made it through and it’s the beginning of December and Christmas. This time of the year is hands down the best time of the year in my opinion. I’m feeling such inspired and happy about Christmas. It’s officially also suitable to be dashing some Christmas spirit to fellow thinkers like me out there, why not to you all if you’re even a little into Christmas feels. Be aware of a major attack of everything Christmassy! It’s not just the festivity, peace nor the family occasion but the whole end of the year of 2018 which is insane that we’re already here. Let’s make the most of it, so we can end the year fulfilled with tasks and goals we want to complete still in 2018!

Wow, you have no idea how relieved I feel right now that this post is out and you are here reading it. I’m doing my best to write everything in its true colors and now it’s time to focus on the last countdown of 2018 and Christmas feels.

I hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday and your weekend was a good one! If not, drop everything that you’re doing and have a good night sleep sometimes that’s all we need!

Happy first advent of Christmas 2018!

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